The George and Mary Kremer Foundation was established in 1985 for the sole purpose of providing Catholic elementary schools in the continental United States with Tuition Assistance Grants for children from financially challenged families.


The goal of the Foundation is to assist eligible children by providing Tuition Grants to schools on behalf of qualified children rather than to individual families. The principals of the participating schools select the students to receive the Tuition Assistance Grants, based primarily on financial need, without regard to race, gender, nationality, citizenship, or religion.


Grants provided for the 2018-19 school year extended to over 4,044 individual students in 450 schools, located in 131 arch/dioceses in 48 states, including the District of Columbia.  Since the Foundation’s inception, more than 75,000 Catholic elementary school students have benefited from the Foundation’s Tuition Assistance Grants. To date, the Kremer Foundation has awarded over $67 million dollars to Catholic elementary schools for Tuition Grants.


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October 6, 2008


Mary Anderson Goddard

Executive Director

George and Mary Kremer Foundation

1100 5th Avenue South, Suite 411

Naples, FL 34102


Dear Mrs. Goddard:


It is truly a joy to offer my sincere congratulations to the George and Mary Kremer Foundation who have been chosen to receive the 2008 National Catholic Education Association's St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award. The George and Mary Kremer Foundation makes it possible for so many young people to receive a Catholic education. In many ways, your Foundation continues St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's work on behalf of poor and underprivileged children.


As you know, the Cathedral School in the Diocese of Portland has been a recipient for a number of years of a grant from your foundation. In our diocese, Cathedral School is our most ethnically diverse school and, in  many ways, our most financially needy. Your grant to Cathedral is truly a gift to Catholic education. I realize that this is only one of the many grants that you provide to many dioceses and schools nationwide.


Congratulations! May this award express sincere gratitude to you for your numerous efforts on behalf of Catholic education. May it also be a suggestion to others to follow your great example.


May God bless you.



Sister Rosemary Donohue, D.

Sister Rosemary Donohue, SND, Ph. DSuperintendent





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