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February, 2021

Brandon Salazar, 7th Grade ~ Most Holy Trinity Catholic School ~ El Paso, Texas

2021 Catholic Schools Week Winning Essay: IF YOU GIVE A KID A CATHOLIC EDUCATION

When You Give a Kid a Catholic Education You Give Him a Good Life

If you give a kid a Catholic education, you give him a good life because he will have all the tools that he needs to grow up to become a good man. If he takes advantage of his Catholic education and does his part, he will grow closer to God and deeper in his faith. He will understand the importance of always keeping himself close to the Holy Spirit, especially during the most difficult times in his life. He will remember to have faith over fear when he is scared and he will know that he should leave his problems at God's feet instead of believing that he is able to solve them alone.


If you give a kid a Catholic education, you give him the foundation for dealing with disappointment, grief, depression, anxiety and whatever else he is challenged with for the rest of his life. If you give a kid a Catholic Education, you give him the power to explore many career and life opportunities because he knows that he is prepared and ready for any high school or college. He will know how to love learning and how to find help when he needs it. His devotion to God will guide his employment choices so that he can serve others with his skills, just like Jesus did. He will love to learn just for the purpose of learning. He will understand how important it is to treat others the way Jesus did, with love and respect.


If you give a kid a Catholic education, you give him the confidence to make mistakes. He will know that he will have to take risks and fail so that he can learn and grow. He will understand what is really important in life, such as God, family, education, and friends. He will learn how to be honest, courageous, respectful, loyal and dependable. He will know that it is important to read the bible and to study the Catholic religion, even after he grows up and becomes a man. He will know how to be a good friend, son, brother, husband, and father. If you give a kid a Catholic education, he will know the rules for living.

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written by a Catholic-educated 7th Grade young man.

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